Natural swimming lake in Shepperton hosting swimming races & events as well as casual outdoor swimmers.

Client:Shepperton Open Water Swim

Date:March, 2018

Type:Design & Development

Fancy a swim?

Shepperton Open Water Swim had their original web site design completed in 2013 but since then it had become out dated and fallen into disrepair. Several features of the site were no longer working and the administration panel was so complicated to use that making any updates was time consuming and confusing.

With the new swimming season approaching, Shepperton Open Water Swim needed a complete website rebuild with modern design standards and new features to promote their races to the swimmers of Shepperton, Weybridge, and Walton on Thames.

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Come on in, the water is fine!

One of most common updates that Shepperton Open Water Swim needed to make to their site was setting the temperature of the lake. The temperature was displayed on the homepage as it was one of the questions most swimmers asked before paying a visit.

Using the old website to update the temperature of Shepperton Lake was a confusing process which required clicking through several parts of the website's admin panel, it was a confusing and time consuming process that had become a bit of a chore. With the new site we were able to build a super fast and simple way updating the lake temperature which also displays when the temperature was set. So now if you go for a swim in Shepperton lake you'll know whether to bring your winter wet suit, or just a bikini.

Wharhol HTML Layouts Purpose Built Content Blocks

On your marks, get set...

Shepperton swimming lake organise and host various races throughout the year and needed an easy way of adding these to their new website. Doing this on the old website required a knowledge of HTML (a computer language used for building websites) meaning that every time there was a new race an outside developer had to be hired to add them to the website. This was far from ideal so an important feature of the new website was to enable each Shepperton swimming race to be added to the website easily by the event organisers.

The new website allows anyone to add races, even if they don't know HTML or have any experience with managing websites for business. We also incorporated the supplier of their race timing technology so those who enter races can click through to see the results of the race.

Wharhol HTML Layouts Purpose Built Content Blocks

Mobile ready as always

Building websites that look great on mobile devices as well as desktop computers is hugely important, and this is especially true for Shepperton Open Water Swim as most of their traffic comes from mobile devices. To make sure the site look great on all devices we used modern front end frameworks which allow the responsive website to be displayed on any size of screen.

As well as that we also designed the administration panel of the site to work on mobiles too, this is ideal as it means the website can be updated while on the go or even while sitting beside the lake. Perfect for a quick temperature update or adding new photos to the gallery.

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