Easy access to my document library

Traditionally I’ve kept my documents tucked away on a hard drive and although that approach is easier than integrating them into a website, I want the convenience of being able to access my documents from any machine and the categorisation features that a website affords me.

Presentation options

There’s no reason to use a browser to read documents consisting purely of text, but other types of document can benefit from some styling or inline media. For example: Using the Vextab javascript library makes it way easier to collect and display guitar tabs.

Exercise living life without fear

Part of living life without fear is being unapologetic for your opinions. This website provides me a platform to express such opinions and to practice not giving a fuck what you think about them.

Sharing of ideas and information

I owe my entire career to people who have freely shared information on the internet and I never take for granted the value of having access to such a wealth of ideas. Therefore I feel it’s only right that I contribute too.


I’ve come to believe that the content you put onto the internet will become your legacy and when I’m gone from this world I’d like to provide some degree of value to those who come after me.

Improving my writing skills

When I write something that will be seen by other people I put in way more effort compared to something destined for my eyes only. So by making more of my documents public I’ll end up writing higher quality documents resulting in improved writing skills.