Tmux Cheat Sheet

Keybindings, commands, and tips for using tmux terminal multiplexer.

15 Aug 23

Sentence Completion Stem Generator

364 randomly generated sentence stems for personal development inspired by Nathaniel Branden's book The 6 Pillars of Self Esteem.

16 May 23

Positive Ways To Spend Your Time

Collection of positive activities for you to choose from during those times in life when you just don't know what you should be doing.

25 Apr 23

Bob Dylan Lyrics

Lyrics to all Bob Dylan's songs with I'm feeling lucky button for random lyrics.

22 Apr 23

Time Restricted Eating Observations

Summary of The Circadian Code by Satchin Panda chapter 5 on Time Restricted eating. Includes my own experiences and observations when trying it out.

4 Apr 23

Taking The Rough With The Smooth

A new definition of the saying "taking the rough with the smooth" which positions you as an optimist instead of an unwilling victim in the face of negative events.

25 Mar 23

Vim Guide

Guide for becoming a fully qualified Vim Ninja.

3 Mar 23

Chord Progression Tables

Table of major and minor chord progressions plus a list of commonly used chord progressions.

9 Feb 23

Food Dictionary

Definitions and terminology for assorted foods, dishes, and cooking techniques.

5 Oct 22

The Toothpaste Factory Story

One of my favourite stories about problem solving, ingenuity and how simple solutions can outperform over-engineered solutions.

4 Oct 22


Origins of assorted everyday words.

3 Oct 22

Filtering Jekyll Posts by Category

How to filter Jekyll posts based on a specific category, tag, or any other array or in the front matter (also works with substrings).

2 Oct 22

How To Never Forget Your Pin Number

Effortlessly recall pin numbers for dozens of different bank cards from a variety of banks with this ultra simple and effective system.

6 Sep 22

My Dream That Predicted The Future

After a vivid dream which seemed to predict the future I learned one of the most interesting and surprising things about the human brain.

28 Aug 22

On The Subject of Perfection

My theory on the concept of perfection and why perfection must contain some degree of imperfection in order to exist.

20 Aug 22

Private Posts in Jekyll

How to set specific Jekyll posts to private so they only get published on local or private servers.

14 Aug 22

Is Obesity Genetic?

Ideas and opinions on the amount of influence that our genetics has on obesity and weight gain. Science hasn't figured this out yet so it's prime time for me to show up with my dubious conclusions.

6 Aug 22

Get Your IP Address in Linux

Three methods for getting your local IP address via the terminal when using Linux, plus a method for getting your WAN IP address.

5 Aug 22

Guide to using Gcal in Linux

Guide to using Gcal to display calendars in your Linux terminal. Includes examples and methods for showing week numbers and days of the year.

5 Aug 22

Quotes to Live By

Collection of quotes to inspire, motivate, and guide you on the journey through life.

4 Aug 22

Vim Indentation

Guide for converting space indented files into tabs and vice versa when using vim. Includes a description of vim's indent related commands and options such as noexpandtab and tabstop.

3 Aug 22

Ruby Nil vs Empty vs Blank vs Present

What is the difference between Ruby's Nil, Empty, Blank, and Present? Features a concise description of each method with examples, a compare table, and some questions for testing your knowledge.

26 Jul 22