Seems to me many of the nomads and remote workers in Chiang Mai are looking for condos that offer short term contracts, ideally for just 1 month. It also seems that most of the posts I see on the Facegroup 'Condo Rental' groups have a minimum contract of 1 year, so where are all the monthly rental condos at?

I got fed up with trawling through Facebook and Agoda and decided to just go wandering round the city looking for them instead, and it turns out this is a way more efficient way of finding condos. Just look for big buildings that might be condos and rock up there asking for a room. Within minutes you'll get a price, availablity, and to see the rooms with your own eyes which is more revealing than the photos you'll see on the web. It's almost as though sometimes it's best not to use the internet for your information that's a crazy concept for sure.

Here's my list of Chiang Mai condos that offer short term contracts. It's a work in progress and it's mainly for my benefit but if anyone else finds it useful then happy days.


V Residence

10k per month | 1 month minimum | website | maps

These guys were full when I visited them in last week of October so I've not seen any of the rooms. The security ceritificate on their website has expired so don't be alarmed if you see a warning.

Pansook (Quality)

12k per month | 3 month minimum | maps

There are 2 buildings owned by this company; 'The Quality', and 'The Urban', both are near to each other. I visited the Quality one which ironically is of lower quality than the Urban one, but presumably a bit cheaper. It came with a free mountain bike which was nice.

SN Residence

3.5k per month | 6 month minimum | maps

Think I may have written this one down wrong because 3.5k for a room is crazy cheap? It was a pretty basic place though, check out the pics on Google maps to see what I mean.

The Dome

9.9k per month | 1 month minimum | website | maps

This was my second choice because I got a great vibe from the reception staff and the rooms were perfectly acceptable. The gym is tiny and there is no pool but aside from that it looked good.

Cool Chick

6k per month | 1 month minimum | maps

I liked this place and it's a bargain at 6k per month. The pool is nowhere near as large as it looks on the photos and the building is a bit old, but it's still a bargain. The owner told me that the majority of people staying there were long term renters. The had larger rooms available with a small kitchen for 9k.

Green Hill Place

10k per month | 1 month minimum | website | maps

The best pool I've seen so far. Using the pool costs 50 baht a time or 1k per month to use it as much as you like.