Vim Guide

Guide for becoming a fully qualified Vim Ninja.

3 Mar 23

Filtering Jekyll Posts by Category

How to filter Jekyll posts based on a specific category, tag, or any other array or in the front matter (also works with substrings).

2 Oct 22

Private Posts in Jekyll

How to set specific Jekyll posts to private so they only get published on local or private servers.

14 Aug 22

Vim Indentation

Guide for converting space indented files into tabs and vice versa when using vim. Includes a description of vim's indent related commands and options such as noexpandtab and tabstop.

3 Aug 22

Ruby Nil vs Empty vs Blank vs Present

What is the difference between Ruby's Nil, Empty, Blank, and Present? Features a concise description of each method with examples, a compare table, and some questions for testing your knowledge.

26 Jul 22