Verse 1
G            C        G           C
Sweet little Rosie my softest machine

G            C        G         D
Bounces with me on my big trampolene

G            C           G         C
Childish and silly we're part of a team

G         C          D         G
Me and my Rose on my big trampoline

Verse 2
G       C          G             C
I was a shadow I'd smoke and I'd sleep

          G          C           G             D
'Till you came and I woke like a flower to the heat

        G         C               G                 C    (Csus4)
And our Rosie she tells me of the things that she's seen

     G              C          D         G
With flowers in her hair on my big trampoline

Verse 3 (not on original recording)
G         C             G         C
Rosie she tells me that she has a song

G             C            G       D
Shares me her words and so I sing along

G           C           G         C
Here in the shade of an old Apple tree

G           C          D         G
Singing her song on my big trampoline

Verce 4 (not on original recording)
G          C         G         C
No need to worry I'm always at ease

   G         C             G         D
My life is a joy when it's Rosie and me

G          C        G           C      (Csus4)
Feeling serene in a warm summer breeze

G       C         D         G
Lazing away on my big trampoline