Do The Things That Scare You

Write a list of things that make you feel scared or anxious. Accept that your life will be better once you start doing these things, then start doing them.

Doing things that scare you doesn’t have to involve facing life long phobias because taking on those small tasks which you’ve been avoiding is equally important (in fact often it’s best to tackle these small fears first).

Your goal is to simply to start doing the things that make you scared, not to complete anything or overcome any fears. You have zero pressure to complete anything on the list as the whole point is to face your fears which you can achieve just by making a start.

Find a New Self Improvement Technique

Look for a technique, exercise, or strategy to help improve your life or further your personal development.

There are lots of ways to improve yourself, and some of them could change your life forever. Go looking for these life changing strategies but don’t feel like you have to try everything - just knowing about them can help you find what works for you.

Look for Answers in Unexpected Places

Decide on a question you want answering then go looking for the answer in random places.

A common way to do this is by picking up any book, opening it at a random page, then reading whatever paragraph your eyes happen to look at. Assume that the right answer to your question is contained somewhere in those words and allow your subconscious mind to figure out a meaning or clue which helps unlock the answer to your question.

Recall Past Success

Think of a time when you achieved something or were successful. Relive the experience and remember how it felt.

You can choose absolutely any achievement that springs to mind; large, small, recent, or old. Don’t be afraid to choose a seemingly small or insignificant success because these are still a great source of motivation. As you recall your past success remember that you are capable of achieving success and that your chosen memory is solid proof of that fact.

Remove Unwanted Possessions

Find an object that you no longer need or want and remove it from your life.

Removing unwanted objects creates more space for you and makes it easier to keep things clean and organised. Go looking for something that you don’t need in your life and either sell it, give it to someone who needs it, or throw it away.

Review Your Goals

What are your current goals? Remind yourself of what you want to achieve.

The more familiar you are with your goals the more you’ll think about them. And the more you think about them the more likely you are to act on them. And the more you act on them the sooner you will achieve them.

You don’t need to make new goals unless you want to, the important thing is just to visit each of your goals to remind yourself what you are aiming to achieve.

Brain Storming

Think of a question you want answered then write as many ideas for solving it as you can. There are no stupid ideas here, the more unreasonable the better.

The trick here is to exhaust all of the reasonable ideas and let the unreasonable ones flow, as it is among the unreasonable ideas that something great is discovered or unexpected solutions are found.

It works by relaxing the normal tensions against creative, outrageous thinking which invites the right side of your brain to play along.